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Tennis Racket Lead Tape For Sports Tennis

Tennis Racket Lead Tape For Sports Tennis

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Model Number: Thick Weighted Lead Tapes


0.18MM Thick, Adhesive and Simple to Use. This tape helps you increase swing weight and meet your needs for a better performance. Just cut, peel and stick to your club head or shaft.

Product Name: Balanced weighted lead sheet
1/4"=Width 6.35MM*Length 4M*Thickness 0.18MM Weight: 48g
3/8”=Width 952MM*Length 4M*Thickness 0.18MM Weight: 70g

High Density Lead Tape Golf*1

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1.Hiddens in the racket: The 0.18MM thin design also minimizes the impact on the air-resistant and maneuverability of your racket, while giving you more power and control over your swing.

2.Shiny and exquisite: This high density lead tape has a bright and smooth surface that complements any golf club. It helps you improve your swing weight and balance with ease and convenience.

3.Easy to cut: With its extended design, this high density lead tape lets you adjust the weight and balance of your golf club to meet your needs. It is easy to cut and apply, and each roll provides 4 meters of tape.

4.Easy to peel off: You can apply it to any area of the club head, shaft or grip to increase the weight and change the balance. It is also simple to remove and reapply as many times as you want, without damaging your club or affecting your swing.

5.Boost the swing weight: It enables you to change the balance point of your racket, elevate the aggressiveness, add more swing weight and mass. You will achieve more accuracy and force in your game.
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